These Aren’t The Muppets I Was Looking For.


I’ve just finished watching the premier of ABC’s, “the muppets.”
Maybe it’s because I’d heard the best jokes from the SDCC teaser, maybe it’s because they’ve made Miss Piggy so unlikable, maybe it’s because it was more realism and less signature mayhem, but I  wasn’t impressed.

Not that it wasn’t funny, or to some degree entertaining,  but it was just missing something.


Somewhere in trying to make the Muppets more “adult friendly” they’ve lost the zany heart and charm that makes us love these characters.

Maybe with a second viewing I’ll enjoy it more, and I  still intend to watch next week, but I didn’t love this beginning.  I liked it, but I wanted to love seeing the Muppets on the small screen again.

I loved the original Muppet show, and I own the first three seasons on DVD. There was something so special about that show, it was lightening in a bottle.  I’m not sure if ABC has captured that spark.


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