The Totally Awesome Hulk’s Identity Revealed


Marvel is doing a huge shake up with their Secret Wars event and their post Secret Wars initiative called the All New All Different Marvel. They announced in June that a new Hulk was coming and that Bruce Banner would no longer be the Hulk, the Green Hulk that is.  On Friday September 4th, it was revealed that Hulk supporting cast member Amadeus Cho will be the New Hulk.

Amadeus Cho was introduced in Amazing Fantasy volume 2 #5 in January 2006.  He started out a kid genius character using the moniker Mastermind Excello. He soon became a Hulk supporting character during the World War Hulk event in 2007.  Amadeus has been a supporting character to Hercules and held the mantle of Prince of Power, Hercules’ mantle.  He also was a main player in the God War event.   Unlike other characters taking over mantles of older characters Amadeus is a known factor.

Marvel has stated that this Hulk will revel in his being the Hulk, hence the Totally Awesome adjective put in front of the Hulk for the new title reboot.  Do not fear, Bruce Banner will be in the book as a pivotal character, as will the Green She-Hulk.  This is the first time an East Asian character has headlined a major Marvel title. This title also has an Asian American Creative team of Greg Pak (writer) and Frank Cho (artist).  Marvel is continuing its push to diversify its characters to present a more varied cast of character and not just the supporting characters.

Personally I have no definite reference for the character.  From the sources I have found he is brash, young and arrogant.  It will be a refreshing take on the character, very different from what Bruce Banner has been. This also seems similar to how they filled the mantles of Captain America and Thor with characters with some history.  Mind you Amadeus does not have the length of history that Falcon or Jane Foster have. Will this be successful?  Time will tell.

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