The New World of FanGirls/Geek Girls

Yes, we had girlfriends
Since I was a young fan of all things comics, fantasy, sci-fi, Star Wars, Star Trek, and video games, there has been one major thing that we all wanted. We wanted our girlfriends or wives to join in with us, play video games with us, and just be fans too. Well, it seems we got what we wished for, but we may not like everything that comes with it.

Mystique Cosplay by Yukilefay

Mystique Cosplay by Yukilefay

The Unicorn is REAL!
In the last few decades we didn’t have to drag our best gal to to comic book stores, conventions, or fan heavy movies. They have wanted to go with us! Sometimes, it’s even their idea! They like to dress in costumes, they’ll read some of the same books, and they’ll even become fans of things that you aren’t. My wife really likes Manga and Anime, but I’m not a big fan of it…but that’s great!

However, a new trend seems to be rising.
realistic else
I do NOT need saving!
Since we were little boys playing with our imagination, our toys, or our video games, we’ve been saving princesses. We’d read fairy tales and watch fantasy movies (Disney included) where a brave prince comes to the rescue of the fair princess.

This is wired in our very minds, we want to be the hero to our beloved lady. This was the birth of chivalry. We’d hold doors open for them and honor their every need and request before our own. We were the good guys, the white hats, the knights, but it seems like the bad boys always won out in the real world.

So why is that?

I keep hearing of women who think the classic Disney movie or fairy tale is offensive because “some dumb woman is waiting around for some man to save her”. They also think it’s their duty to find the bad boy and save him…to turn him into the good guy.

This has now entered our geek culture, and we’ve invited it.

A brave new world…of women
I can enjoy a strong female character, and a heroine. I’m a fan of She-Hulk, grew up watching Wonder Woman, and I loved Sarah Walker coming to the aid of Chuck Bartowski in NBC’s Chuck.

But lately it seems that producers are so afraid to offend the modern strong woman that a woman must save herself or take over a man’s former role.

I can list some examples, Frozen, which I have discussed before on The Neverland Podcast how two male characters couldn’t save Anna, but Anna’s sacrifice saved Else (the real frozen heart).

Follow that up with the live action Maleficent. What could have been a good story within a movie I almost liked but made some serious mistakes. Why can’t Phillip have been more involved so we could see a true love for Aurora? Why can’t King Stephan have cut the wings from Maleficent in an effort to fake her death so she would be safe from anyone seeking the bounty on her life? Why couldn’t there have been a mutual redemption and a rekindled friendship? Were they afraid the modern woman wouldn’t have liked this movie?

Thor…yes I’m finally talking Marvel. Any fan of Thor will know that in years past any man, be he frog, alien, or human who is worthy could wield Mjolnir and become the Might Thor. And this hammer has been held by a few people at different times. However, in an effort to cash in on the growing fangirl market, the writing upon Mjolnir has changed from “He” to “She” in an effort to relaunch the character as a woman.

I haven’t had the opportunity to read this new storyline (though I want to) and it has sold out in many stores. Any time there is a major event or change, collectors will ascend to buy a title that they normally wouldn’t have purchased.

I still want more of an answer to what in the world can Nick Fury have whispered in his ear to cause the former Thor to become unworthy, and who is this new female that has become Thor.

I’m not complaining
I can enjoy a good story whether it’s a hero or heroine leading the charge, but I have to wonder how many things have to be altered to cater to this new audience. I’ve read posts of Ghostbusters fans fuming over an all female reboot. Fans wondering why we can’t have new super heroines instead of changing the gender of a current hero.

I just want to remind my fellow fans, we asked for this. The best thing to do now, is just to enjoy the ride as much as we can.

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