“the muppets” Catching Up on the Last Two Episodes

After a disappointing first episode (though some will disagree) I was very pleased with last week’s episode of ABC’s “the muppets.”

It felt more like the classic characters getting into the type of trouble and fun that we enjoy. Fozzie in his usual self destructive anxiety gets invited to a party at Jay Leno’s home, and even gets asked to open for Jay’s new comedy tour. But, in typical Fozzie fashion, he has a foible of taking souvenirs from Jay’s home, causing an end to it all.

Gonzo has a weird story line about his mother having gone missing, and he thinks the email she sends is a spam to ignore.

And our main piece continues with how awful Miss Piggy can be to work with. The solution is to get her attached in a new relationship, and it seems to work until Josh Groban (her new beau) starts meddling in the show. Haven’t we seen this in “Spinal Tap” already?

Nonetheless, it was a very funny episode, and I enjoyed it.

This week’s episode was predictable, and fell flat. Sure it had some funny moments, but most of the humor of the show was predictable events that we’ve already seen on other shows.

Fozzie writes a bad skit, Kermit lies and says it’s good, Fozzie thinks he’s a genius and goes off on his own.

Fozzie goes camping to write…disaster occurs.

Gonzo puts Liam Hemsworth’s picture on his profile on a dating website. Get’s Liam to meet the girl. Liam steals the girl.

The lesson on both stories. Don’t lie. It will backfire.

I keep watching out of love for the Muppets franchise, but I really hope to see better from them this season.

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