The Flash Season 2 Episode 3: Family of Rogues


I am excited; I finally get to review a Rogues episode. Lisa Snart AKA the Golden Glider comes in for the team’s help. Lisa is Captain Cold’s sister and she thinks her brother was kidnapped. Flash approaches Leonard Snart AKA Captain Cold.  He tells the Flash to buzz off.  Leonard is working with his father. We learn that is not a good thing, especially after Louis Snart kills one of his crew for asking too many questions. Louis does not have the code of honor that Len does.

Barry discovers the body of the dead crew member and deduces how it happened, a thermite bomb near the head. The team comes to the conclusion Louis implanted one in his daughter, Lisa. This is the reason why Len is helping his father, whom he hates above all things. Barry goes undercover as the new tech specialist to help Len Snart. Barry does everything to keep Louis from killing anyone, but gets shot by Louis after fulfilling his job.  Of course Barry caught the bullet and feigned his death.

Cisco is able to remove the bomb from Lisa.  Len then kills his father. Len goes to Iron Heights Prison for killing his father. Earlier in the episode Francine West reappears and wants to see Iris.  However, Iris thinks she is dead.  Joe has to tell his daughter the truth.  Iris forgives him. Jay fixes a stable connection to his home timeline, but stays to help defeat Zoom. Professor Stein’s powers seem to be melting down. At the end Harrison Wells appears to have returned to Earth 1.

Easter egg time, in DC comics many of the Flash’s villains team-up together and are referred to the Rogue’s. Traditionally Captain Cold has been their leader, and one of his teammates has been his sister, the Golden Glider.  In the comics pre-Flashpoint she was an Olympic level athlete in skating with special skate that allowed her to skate on any surface including air. New 52, she was separated from her body so she was always in astral form.  In astral form she could move at extreme speeds and had ribbon like tendrils that cut and killed.

The Rogues had a code, no killing unless not choice, and never kill a speedster, women or children. They never wanted to rule or take over the world.  They were blue collar villains who just wanted to make a buck. In the episode Cold finds his father’s lack of planning and code unprofessional and sloppy. They also allude to Cold’s upcoming appearance in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and his stint in the Justice League in the current comics.

Flash’s Rogues are a wonderful contrast to Batman’s gallery of lunatics or Superman’s coterie of Megalomaniacs. They are working class Supervillains. They are thieves, robbers, con artists, and burglars who just want to make ends meet. This episode showed the difference between Cold and many other crooks. It also presented that there still may be hope for him. I give this a solid B+.

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