The Flash Season 2 Episode 1: The Man Who Saved Central City


The Flash is back with a bang. It starts out with a dream sequence, and then it leads into present day six months after the singularity. We learn of more losses in the Flash’s circle. The losses result in Barry deciding to go it alone. We see the city celebrating Flash day. Friends and family convince Barry to attend after he planned not to.  He does not see himself as the man who saved Central City. At the celebration and the ceremony where the mayor gives the Flash a key to the city, a Metahuman crashes the party. This particular character is called Atom Smasher (played by former WWE Wrestler Adam Copeland AKA the Edge).

The episode leads to the gang being reunited to fight the bad guy. We get a reunion, another departure, and a new Flash symbol, this one more in keeping with the comics. After Atom Smasher’s defeat we also get a new big bad. It ends with someone waltzing into S.T.A.R. Labs undetected.  He tells Barry his world is in danger and says his name is Jay Garrick.

With my Flash and Arrow reviews, I am going to let folks in on Easter eggs. First the Atom Smasher (Albert Rothstein) is a character in the comics.  He is the adopted grandson of the original Golden Age Atom (Al Pratt).  He was also known as Nuklon, and is the biological grandson of Golden Age Villain Cyclotron. He was part of the Golden Age Legacy super team Infinity Inc, which was made up of Second Generation Heroes to the Justice Society of America. Originally from Earth Two, after the Crisis of Infinite Earths he was part of the main timeline. Since the changes of the New 52 at DC Comics we have not seen Albert. The New 52 returned Earth Two into existence.

Jay Garrick is the name of the Golden Age Flash.  He also was originally a native of Earth Two. Since the New 52 that is the status quo again. Zoom is mentioned. Zoom is two different characters.  The Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) was also known as Professor Zoom. Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) is also the name of the third Reverse Flash. Since we have already seen Thawne, I think this is the third Reverse Flash.

I loved this episode; it gave me what I have been craving since the season wrapped up. This show is the four color crazy superhero show. It is un-apologetic for some of the silliness that comes with superhero stories. The episode follows a few tropes, but in this show they do not feel stale or clichéd. This episode wrapped up the questions from the season ender and set ups the second season. It hinted at the things to come. I give it an A.

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