The Arrow Season 4 Episode 4: Beyond Redemption


A group of drug dealing gang bangers gets hit by an elite police unit, and then two vice detectives show up. The elite unit kills the detectives. Team Arrow arrives at a new location that is the site for Oliver’s Mayoral candidacy. It also is the new location of their lair since it is Brother Blood’s old campaign office/lair. It is tricked out by Cisco and Felicity. Oliver informs Captain Lance of his candidacy.


Five years ago, Oliver starts a plan to protect the captive he rescued and his own cover. He tells Conklin his cover story about what happened to the other mercenary sent to witness Oliver killing the captive. Conklin is suspicious since two men have died in land mine accidents since Ollie’s arrival. Ollie shows Conklin a body without a pulse. It was trick to save the captive and his cover. While leaving Ollie Conklin discovers Ollie’s communication device that he uses to contact A.R.G.U.S.

Felicity is getting weird messages on her phone she blames Curtis. The messages seem to be coming from Ray Palmer’s old equipment. There is a voice log of Ray’s last minutes. Felicity at first resists but Curtis convinces her to discover the truth. Captain Lance discovers that Sara is back from the dead.  Damien Darhk convinces Lance the best way is the kill Sara. The Captain is unable to do that. At the end of the episode Laurel discovers Sara escapes.

Lance helps the team discover who the crooked cops are. They are members of the Anti-Vigilante Unit. Sgt. Liza Warner is their leader. They see a dying city and are using their police status to make money to leave and provide for their families. When they realize Capt. Lance is not on their side, they take him, and force him to help them make one last big score. Team Arrow defeats them, but Warner takes the Green Arrow and threatens to kill him. In exchange for the Green Arrow’s safety she wants to leave unharmed and free. Capt. Lance talks her into turning herself in. Capt. Lance’s speech has renewed Ollie’s desire to help the city, believing it is not beyond redemption. Team Arrow discovers Lance has been working with Darhk, but instead of having him turn himself in, he is to help take down Darhk as an inside man. Ollie announces his candidacy publicly.

Here are the Easter eggs. One of the people Curtis suspects is the Green Arrow is named Neal Adams. That is the name of the artist who drew the Green Lantern/ Green Arrow comics from 1970-1972. This was a very influential period for both characters and Black Canary as well. This included the famous speech about Green Lantern saying everybody with different colored skins but the black skins and the famous Speedy/Roy Harper heroin addiction storyline. He is also the creator of Ra’s al Ghul and Merlyn (the character Malcolm Merlyn is based on).

Liza Warner was a DC Comic character for a police story comic in the 1970’s called Lady Cop. In the comic she is a Caucasian blonde woman, as opposed to the African American she is on the show. She ends up Police Chief in Ivy Town, Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi’s, the Atoms, hometown.

This episode’s theme is the title of the episode, beyond redemption.  It asks the question, is anyone beyond redemption. Is Sara beyond help? Has Captain Lance gone too far? Is Star City, a lost cause? The episode answers these questions with no. It is giving us, the audience, the idea that there is always hope of redemption as along as your intentions remain good. Even the corrupt cops are doing the wrong things for good reasons. The episode is also about the affects of losing hope. Lance almost kills Sara. The Anti-Vigilante Unit becomes what they always fought. Ollie questions his ability to lead the city.  All of these are due to losing hope. The episode ends with our heroes regaining their hopefulness of being able to accomplish their missions in life.  Great Episode, I give it a B+.

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