The Arrow Season 4 Episode 3: Restoration

wpid-arrow-logo-header-season-4.pngOllie and Diggle go after a H.I.V.E. ghost and with Felicity’s help they capture the ghost. They are able to prevent the ghost from committing suicide with his cyanide tooth.  The ghost escapes. Thea and Laurel arrive at Nanda Parbat to get help from Malcolm Merlyn for Thea and put Sara Lance in the Lazarus Pit to be resurrected. Nyssa and Malcolm refuse to resurrect Sara. Flashback to 5 years ago on the Island, Ollie tries to avoid hurting those captive by the mercenaries he infiltrated. He is able to save someone who was helping the captives.
Diggle finds out who ordered his brother’s murder, Mina Fayad. She is in Star City to bring a metahuman hitman to help Damien Darhk with his vigilante problem. The hitman is Double Down, a metahuman with cards tattooed all over his body.  He is able to turn the cards tangible from his tattoos and use them as throwing weapons. Damien has Double Down kill the ghost that escaped Ollie and Diggle.
Diggle tries to take down Fayad solo, as Ollie fights Double Down single handedly well. Both barely escape. Darhk kills Fayad using one of Double Downs cards while demonstrating his powers to both Fayad and Double Down. Sara is resurrected, but at what cost.  She is feral and does not recover from it. Thea cannot be helped other than succumbing to her bloodlust.

Curtis Holt discovers that Felicity works with the Green Arrow. He keeps her secret after Double Down tries to kill them while trying to find Ollie. He escapes, but is captured by Ollie and Diggle finally working together. Double Down is sent to Iron Heights. It appears that some one is trying to communicate with Felicity.

Only real Easter egg here is Double Down. He is Jeremy Tell and does what the character does in the show.  However he is not a metahuman.  He has a deck of cursed playing cards the bonded to his skin.  He is also a Flash villain from the Wally West Era of Flash.

Overall an interesting episode, but it only progresses the story so far.  It felt a little incomplete as its own story.  It did give us important events that were important to the overall plot. I give this a solid B.

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