The Arrow Season 4 Episode 1: Green Arrow


We find Felicity and Oliver in Ivy Town. They are living in suburban bliss. We then see Black Canary, Speedy (Thea Queen) and Diggle fighting a group of military trained thugs. They refer to them as ghosts, they commit suicide if captured. Damien Darhk then threatens the city’s leadership.  He then proceeds to take them out. All but Captain Lance are dead.


All of this leads to Thea and Laurel going to Oliver to get him to return to the city. Oliver says he would, but just temporarily. After seeing that Darhk is something more than human he decided to stay. They thwart Darhk’s plans and we see Darhk is involved in some series mystical heaviness. We find out that Darhk has a mole and who it is. Oliver announces he is there to protect the city over the airwaves and claims the identity of the Green Arrow. It ends six months in the future with Oliver and Barry (the Flash) at a cemetery; we have no idea who died. Whoever died, it results in Oliver wanting to kill whoever caused that death. Interesting enough Oliver does not blame himself this time.

Easter egg time, Ivy Town is the college town that was home to the second Atom, the Silver Age Atom (Ray Palmer). Starling City gets the name that it is known for in the comics, Star City. Coast City, the location of the flashback, is home to Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Damien Darhk was a Teen Titans/ Titans villain who made his first appearance in 1999. He was a hi-tech criminal mastermind and a bit baby-faced. It is very different from the character portrayed by Neal McDonough. The mystic angle seems to be the jumping off point for introducing Constantine to the series.

I had fun with this. Including the little joke about Felicity’s lack of cooking skills and Oliver’s new cooking skills. Green Arrow’s new suit is courtesy of Cisco, from the Flash. They gave us many hints as to what is in store for us this season. They gave us plausible reasons for the team to reunite. I give this one a B+.

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