Sweet Christmas! Power Man and Iron Fist Return


Writer David Walker (Shaft, Cyborg) and Sanford Greene (The Runaways, Uncanny Avengers) are bringing back classic comic book super hero buddy team of Power Man and Iron Fist as a title. Heroes for Hire, Luke Cage (Power Man) and Danny Rand (Iron Fist)’s business, has existed in one way or another. This title is focusing and the original duo.


The creative team is also important since it is an African-American team tackling these characters. Marvel is continuing its push to diversify characters and creative teams. David Walker is a Portland, Oregon area writer, filmmaker, and educator. Walker in the last year has worked on Dynamite Entertainment’s Shaft and DC Comics’ Cyborg. David also is known for his scholarly work on Blaxploitation films. He will connect this new work to its Blaxploitation roots. With his work on Shaft he has proven he has a deft command of that genre. The original Power Man and Iron Fist was the perfect combination of Blaxploitation and martial arts. This was also sounds like it was a dream project for both members of the creative team.

Luke Cage AKA Power Man was created in 1972 by Archie Goodwin and John Romita, Sr.  Iron Fist was created in 1974 by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. Originally the title was Luke Cage, Hero for Hire then Luke Cage, Power Man after 16 issues. Issue 50 in 1978 saw the merger of the two titles into Power Man and Iron Fist, sometimes referred to as Power Man and Iron First: Heroes for Hire. The merger was done to save both series as readership in both was dropping.

Notably, writer Chris Claremont, most famous for his work on the various X-Men titles, was there for the transition in issues 47-53. X-Men villain Sabertooth got his debut in that title.

The title ended in 1986.  Since then both characters have become Avengers, Defenders, and Thunderbolts. Luke Cage has married Jessica Jones and had a daughter. The fun of this new title is how all these changes will affect their partnership. Both had had solo series since 1986 aw well as some changes in appearance. Both characters are being brought to life a Marvel television shows on Netflix. Cage will appear on Jessica Jones, then get his own show. No word if Danny Rand will appear on the Luke Cage program, before he appears in his own. Both will also appear on Defenders.

I am a bit biased about David Walker. I have been a fan of his for years and have met him a few times. I have good feeling about him on this particular title.

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