Summer Movie Season: Part Two


I sincerely hope you too the time to read part one of this series. If not, here is a link Summer Movie Season: Part One I’ve been recounting the Summer movies of 2016, or at least the one’s that I managed to see. I tried to choose the movies that had generally high expectations.

The next movie on my list was Warcraft, released on June 10.


Yes, I know this poster says May 30, but it appears the date was pushed back. I think they were staying clear of the competition. This movie has a very low rating of 28% on Rotten Tomatoes, however I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve played a bit of Warcraft II, and dabbled in World of Warcraft, but now enough to make me a huge fan of the game series. When I first heard of the movie, I thought it would be a bad joke. However, the trailers looked interesting to me, and when I went into this movie I was not at all disappointed. In fact Rotten Tomatoes also reports that audiences gave this movie a rating of 76% proving that critics don’t just sit down and watch a movie for fun. I even got emotionally involved with the ending. It’s a bit tragic because things could have gone another way, but the heroes seemed to have no choice. It really sets up for a sequel and I’m sure there is plenty of source material to use. Let’s just hope that it has made enough money to warrant a second effort.


So what happens when Disney’s powerhouse of animation PIXAR makes a cash cow movie about a little fish? It gets a sequel…even if it’s years later (as in The Incredibles 2). My wife adores Finding Nemo, and I like it okay. I enjoy everything PIXAR, but this is not one of my favorites. So my wife and I go into this movie with different expectations. The funny part is this; I really liked it along with the rest of the audience, and my wife came out with complaints.

This was Disney/PIXAR magic to make a character that is basically Jar Jar Binks as a fish into a bona-fide leading lady! I’m excited to purchase this Blu-ray and add it to my collection of PIXAR greats. This was so much fun and aimed right at the feels. I enjoyed the characters each over coming a disability…and what’s not to love about an otter snuggle fest!


June 24 brought a very unnecessary sequel/retelling of an old special effects disaster movie.


I remember back in 1994 seeing the original. I saw it once in a theater and thought it was pretty good. I saw it on home video and thought it was utter garbage. It goes without saying this is one of the movies I saw just for the good of the show. I wanted to review it and share it with my beloved Neverlanders out there in Podcast Land.

And after one viewing, I am a rare person that liked it. However, knowing how a second viewing of the original film caused this series to fall from grace in my eyes, I’m not going to ever watch this movie again. I had fun, I think I’d better leave it at that.

Check out next week when we’ll talk about more of the Summer movies that were hit or miss in the theaters.

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