Summer Movie Season: Part Three


It’s that time again. Time to dive back in with all the summer movies that I managed to see, and a brief note about what I though about them. We’ve made it all the way to July 1st now, and this is where things began to really pick up.

There were two noteworthy films this first weekend; One from Disney, and another that involves a character that Disney previously tackled.

Roald Dahl’s children’s books have made wonderful movies in the past. Disney has already seen success with James and the Giant Peach. This time they’ve brought Steven Spielberg and John Williams to tell us the story of The BFG.


This is a movie that the critics enjoyed slightly more than the audience. I found it to be a breath of fresh air from the usual frenetic pacing of the usual summer blockbuster. This movie focused on story telling and character development. It told a true to the heart story of friendship, even if an unusual one. Without being a full-out comedy, this movie has plenty of wit and charm to satisfy audiences of all ages.

Next is a bit more of a faster paced story of great adventure in the jungles of Africa…not to be confused with the jungles of India previously seen in The Jungle Book.


Based off of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ legendary literary hero more than any film I’ve previously seen, this is dark, gritty, and a whole lot of fun. There were a few liberties taken with character back story, but the personalities were definitely intact. This movie found a civilized Tarzan returning to the jungle by invitation by a villainous Belgian. Tarzan is smarter than they realize, and quickly catches on to being selected as a pawn in a fiendish plot. It’s wise not to upset a man than can cause the animals to rise up against you.

Friday July 8 brought The Secret Life of Pets to cinemas.


I had high hopes for this movie as the trailers were amazingly funny. Unfortunately everything else in the movie, wasn’t. In a movie that tried to do for pets what Toy Story did for toys, this movie burns that bridge within the first 10 minutes before giving us a predictable buddy comedy road trip where of course they hate each other at first and then become friends by bonding over some activity. This time the activity is a whimsical visit to a sausage factory. This isn’t helped by the Jar Jar Binks of villainous rodents either. Actually, comparing this rabbit to Jar Jar is an insult to Jar Jar. Somehow the critics seemed to have been pleased, but I have seen the toy tie-ins already on clearance racks. Must not have connected with the audience somewhere.

And talk about a movie that should have been better to meet with the expectations that would be naturally put upon it by it’s sheer nature of what it’s trying to be….that train wreck was Ghostbusters: Answer the Call.


This movie tried to stand on the soapbox of gender equality. They spent plenty of time claiming that all of us doubters were sexist pigs. In truth, we were upset that a remake was happening and not a sequel, period…end of story. While this movie touted such illustrious platforms…it turned out to be a man hating special effect festival. Every man on-screen turns out to either be an idiot, a jerk, or a sex object. How many times we need to see shirtless Chris Hemsworth? And his character was so cartoonishly stupid that I was rooting for the villain after he was possessed by him.

Who ya gonna call? Someone else.

That’s all the time I have for this week. Keep your eyes open for part FOUR!

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