Summer Movie Season: Part Four


I know what you’re saying right now; Jeremy, it’s October, why are we still talking about Summer movies?

Because I saw so many movies this summer we are now up to four articles in recapping them! Holy moly!

But enough of this lame introduction, let’s just get back to the list, shall we?


I’ll be first to admit that when I heard the Fast and Furious director Justin Lin was helming this project, I was a little worried. When we were able to view our first teaser trailer of this film, I was even more worried. You can hear what I said in the Neverland Trailer Park on this episode of The Neverland Podcast, Episode 107.

Karl Urban proved himself a perfect successor in the role of Doctor McCoy, and even Chris Pine seemed more to emulate that classic Captain Kirk style. The bridge looked more like the classic television series, and even the uniforms moved closer to their TV counterparts. This was a great tribute to the 50 year anniversary of this franchise.

There was a little bit of controversy when word got out that we would see Sulu with who appears to be his husband. George Takei has of course come out as a homosexual, but the character was never presented in such a way. It seemed they decided to align the character as a tribute to George more than in a way to represent the character.

Overall, this was a very fun addition to the franchise and probably they best in the modern film series. I look forward to the next installment!


Suicide Squad was another movie that surprised me. I was not thrilled with what I was seeing from Jared Leto’s Joker. I didn’t like his look, his “gangsta” apparel, or his mannerisms. And do I even have to mention his pathetic laugh?

This movie wanted to be Guardians of the Galaxy with a team of rogues thrust together to save the world from a massive threat, if they can just learn to get along and work as a team. Despite its lack of originality, I enjoyed this movie. It’s actually very fun to watch, if not a very good film.

This sparked a log of “nerd rage” as DC fans were finally getting a movie that they liked, and Rotten Tomatoes currently has this movie ranked at 26% rotten. They called for an end of the website. Seriously folks, you realize they only collect reviews of what the critics were saying and post the reviews online. It’s a convenience. And if you are really upset about the critical destruction of this movie, you can actual take the time to write your own review, post it, and share it on social media. Do something constructive with your anger. People might make a movie viewing choice based on the common viewer instead of the critics.

This movie may have made an instant star of Margot Robbie whose previous credits include a rather racy role in The Wolf of Wall Street (I haven’t seen it, but word gets around) and another summer smash, The Legend of Tarzan. Word is spreading that she is pushing for a Harley Quinn solo movie. Guess she wants to keep the steamroller rolling on her career.

Well, that wraps up another look at some of the movies I saw this summer. I’ll have one more part for you next week!

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