Star Wars VII Has a Title!


The Force Awakens and the Fans Go Wild!
Shooting for Episode VII is wrapping up at Pinewood Studios, in fact the wrap party was already held! This filming has had leaked photos, (some on purpose and some by accident) and a leg injury to a key player, Harrison Ford.

But after globe hopping from Abu Dahbi to Gloucestershire, the film Star Wars fans around the world are eagerly anticipating (unless they are in that anti-Disney camp) the only thing left is post production and the countdown of days for the next year, Dec 18 2015, to be exact.

A Title, A Brilliant Title!
Rumors had been strong with this one, in fact some sites released a storied title, “The Ancient Fear”, hoping to scoop the world. While that is an intriguing title, I must say that the official title of Episode VII: The Force Awakens is much more exciting. It promises new beginnings, more jedi, and more servants of the Dark Side to challenge them!

A Promise of the Future
Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) has told us that this movie is better than The Empire Strikes Back and that has my hopes high. This is the favorite movie of many Star Wars fans, and a statement like that either gets you excited, or skeptical. I’m going with excited…in case I wasn’t already excited.

The old cast is here, a new cast is here, and the fans are certainly here. It’s going to be a long wait, but at least Marvel has some great movies coming to keep us happy!

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