Spider-Man Revealed!

We’ve been waiting for it ever since we heard that Disney and Sony had reached an agreement to add Spidey to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). We wondered at who Tom Holland was and how he’d look in a Spidey suit. We wondered about what design we’d see in the Spider-Man costume. Would it be traditional? Would it have textured webs? Would it be a disaster like The Amazing Spider-Man first costume?

A Trip Down Memory Lane


I remember this image as it was published in the Kansas City Star. It was big news! Finally we saw what Spidey would look like in the upcoming 2002 movie epic. I saw this image along with one other just to tease us about the design before filming had even began. I was very excited, and by the time that first teaser hit…I was talking Spidey non-stop, much to the chagrin of Heather.

He looked amazing (see what I did there) and the added webbing texture use useful in a world that feared men in tights.

Spidey kept that same design with lenses for eyes through three movies until a reboot was announced. That’s when fans got this redesign. We weren’t happy. It was recognizable…but it just didn’t have that classic feel.

The film makers listened to us and we got what a lot of people believe is the best Spidey costume we’ve ever seen.


Unfortunately, the sequel fell short of expectations and the grand plans Sony had for a franchise slowly fell apart. But hope was not lost.

Welcome to the MCU!
When I first heard that Sony wanted to have Spidey in the MCU, I was thrilled! This brought a new creative team on board that had already had great success in bringing the Marvel Universe to the big screen!

Honestly, I’ve had my complaints about yet another teenage Peter Parker and worries that they’d take a cue from the Ultimate Universe version of Spidey…but I digress. We wanted to see what Spidey would look like in the MCU. And after a teaser and a trailer, we still didn’t see any sign of our hero.
But then yesterday as we were watching a new Captain America: Civil War trailer, Iron Man calls for “Underoos”.

Action Spidey MCU

We heard a familiar “thwip” and saw a blur….that did a superhero landing. It’s hard on the knees (or so we’ve heard,)

SpiderMan MCU

There he was. Posed triumphantly with Cap’s shield. His eyes narrow (NARROWED!) and he says, “Hey everyone.”

That’s when criticism began. No texture? What’s with the design on his arms? That’s what Tom Holland sounds like?

There are always going to be critics, because of the deep love we all share for this iconic hero. I for one am very happy. It’s very traditional and even looks like a 15 year old boy could have made it. Is this the same costume we will see in 2017 when Sony releases their solo film? Who knows. Will they go a bit more traditional or add texture? I’m not going to worry about it. All I know is I think Spidey is in good hands these days, and I’m excited to see where this franchise goes.

Although I’m confused about some of the casting. More on the next podcast episode coming soon!

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