Skywalker Down?

Now is the time for all of the theories on what could happen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They’ve already begun.
The biggest one out there is that Kylo Ren is actually Luke Skywalker, and that’s why he isn’t on the poster.



Especially since we have seen Adam Driver at conventions, heard his voice in the trailer, and have seen photos of Kylo Ren without his mask already.

But I have a theory that I haven’t heard anyone else share, and it may be hidden right under our nose.

Observe these two images from a previous trailer, also seen in the new one.


This first image we see, appears to be Luke Skywalker. It’s night time, and he’s near a fire.
The second image is of Kylo Ren, at night, near some fire. Could they be on the same location?

And clearly The First Order has come along. This is a big mission for them. They expect a fight, they don’t take this opponent lightly. Just look.


This second photo looks more and more like they are on the same location as Luke. It appears they are coming for him. So what could the outcome be?


It looks like Kylo Ren is prepared to strike. No resistance being shown. And he delivers a Highlander style head removing blow.


We also see a very sad Leia.

sad leia

Are you seeing where I’m going with this? We don’t see Luke on the poster because he probably will spend most of this trilogy as a Force Ghost. A Mentor not unlike Obi-Wan.

What do you think?

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