Release Date Announced for the Next Marvel/Netflix Show Jessica Jones

Marvel-TV-Netflix-AKA-Jessica-Jones-SynopsisMarvel and Netflix announced on September 10, 2015 the release date for their next Marvel Television Program, Jessica Jones.  All 13 episode will be released on November 20, 2015 at 12:00 AM Pacific Time to all territories Netflix serves.  This is the second of the first initial four Marvel/Netflix programs.  Luke Cage and Iron Fist are slated to be premiered in 2016.  All four shows lead in to the team Television program The Defenders.  These programs are being produced by Marvel with ABC Studios for Netflix.

Jessica Jones is a newer character with deep roots in the Marvel Universe.  She was created in 2001 in Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos’ Alias #1.  She is a contemporary of Peter Parker’s and was there when he was bitten. While en route to a family vacation her family’s vehicle collided with a truck carrying radioactive materials.  She was the only survivor.  She gained super strength, limited invulnerability, and flight from the accident.  She was sent to an orphanage and adopted by the Jones family. The Jones’ lived close by to the Parker family.  Throughout her life in the comics she has interacted with many of the Marvel Universe’s major players and well known supporting characters.

Jessica became the superheroine Jewell.  After a disastrous encounter with the Purple Man she ended her superheroine career.  She later became a Private Investigator with her agency called Alias Investigations.  In the Comics, she has been a journalist and she later married Luke Cage.  She has become a very key character in Marvel, mostly because one of her creators, Brian Michael Bendis, loves writing her.

I personally never read her first series or any of her succeeding appearances in Marvel.  Based on what I have researched Jessica Jones like Marvel’s Daredevil will be a gritty crime drama, and possibly have a noir feel to it.  Luke Cage is slated to appear in the program, as is the Purple Man.  Doctor Who fans will be happy since the Purple Man will be portrayed by the tenth Doctor, David Tennant.

Once again Marvel is pushing a relatively obscure character, to the mainstream audience.  She is well known among current Marvel Comics readers. They have had successes with that.  Alias was an award winning critically acclaimed series, as was Pulse, the comic series about Jessica’s turn as a journalist.  As someone with no or little familiarity with this character, I am looking forwards to see what we get.  So Far Marvel Studios has been successful in Film and Television.  The concept and ideas seem sound.  They may need to tweak her background since Peter Parker will be a teenager in the new films.  Still, it looks fun to me.

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