Planet Comicon 2015!

I’ve had a “Marvel”ous time this weekend out at Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Missouri! Besides attending panels featuring Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Ming-Na Wen,

Ming-Na Wen at Planet Comicon

Ming-Na Wen at Planet Comicon

I was able to meet lots of Disney fans dressed as various Disney characters!

I also got to talk to lots of Marvel fans!

And of course, the 501st were in full effect! This crew are local to Kansas City, and can be found on Facebook! Standing next to them were the Rebel Legion who also have a local chapter on Facebook.

I also learned about a local chapter of cosplayers called KC Cosplay

I also met Tony who owns Cos Props, and makes fantastic costumes and props!

I even met a local group of R2D2 builders!

I also found a great charity that Michael J. Fox began to help fight Parkinson’s disease called Team Fox!

And of course, a whole host of other cosplayers and movie/TV replicas were on hand to fulfill any level of fandom or geekdom!

You can hear more about the event on this week’s podcast

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