Pete’s Dragon Poster


Many will argue whether or not remaking Pete’s Dragon is a good idea or not.  Personally I understand Disney wanting to update this film with a CG rendered Elliott.  However, part of the charm of the original is having a cartoon character interacting with live actors, much like Roger Rabbit.  The clever ingenuity of the practical effects and how they can make you believe Pete really does have a dragon for a best friend is a delight to me.
Unfortunately, the original film is not known as a success, despite a wonderful performance by Jim Dale.
Perhaps Disney hopes to achieve what the classic film failed at.
I would hope that the film makers found a way to capture the charm and fun of Elliot while trying to make him seem more real.
This poster doesn’t show much, but there appears to be some whimsy in the design. I can only hope.
We’ll all have to wait until August.

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