Once Upon a Time Season Premier

Okay, I’ve admitted on more than one occasion that I am not a fan of Once Upon a Time, but maybe you could say “yet”.

I’ve watched two episodes of the first season, but I get stalled out as I’m not a fan of the typical drama.

It seems a lot of fun and adventure, however, has happened in the last couple of seasons.

Although this episode began with some typical mid day drama that had me wondering if doing research for an upcoming show was going to be challenging, it took a big turn into awesome.


Marshmallow…the giant snowman, Elsa’s own creation when she wants to be left alone, was unleashed. I was giddy. This was fun, this was excitement, and I was suddenly having a grand time!

*Potential spoilers!*

And more fun followed, lots of magic and intrigue soon took place, and I am now curious as to what will happen next. In fact, we got teased at the end with Yen Sid’s famous sorcerer’s hat.

Is he the one who wrote the mysterious book that controls the destiny of the citizens of Storybrook? Suddenly I want to know!

*End of Spoilers!*

And I have to admit, the costumes and casting for Anna and Elsa were spot on, but I do wonder why I haven’t seen any other characters that really looked like their Disney counterpart. I suppose Time will tell.

See what I did there? Yeah, I think it was a lame joke, too.

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