No More Snooze Button, the Force is AWAKE!


We interrupt your normal day with some serious Star Wars news! Not only did I find out you could stream the panel of The Force Awakens cast from this morning (I captured it on my computer before I found out it was on youtube, because I had to go to work) but all of a sudden, my phone is buzzing from A NEW TEASER!

Okay…if that didn’t get your blood pumping, I don’t know what to do for you.

Let’s take a look at this thing.

We hear Luke saying a classic RotJ line about the Force running strong in his family. However, when he mentions his sister, he also says it runs strong in you. Based on the passing of a lightsaber…
I’m guessing that is Leia passing it on to her Daughter which I assume to be Rey. (EDIT:Mope, Rey is a scavenger, scratching out a living on a desert planet) And I think she’s on Tatooine learning the ways of the Force from Luke, since he appears to be on Tatooine as well. (EDIT: I’ve been watching the Panel, and JJ Abrams just called that planet, Jakku!)
We can barely see her ice cream bar shaped speeder zooming past these wrecked ships.
Holy cow, someone has Vader’s helmet. Who? Don’t know…is it this guy?
Who appears to be the same hooded Sith we’ve seen before, Kylo Ren.
Or is this helmet in possession of this guy.
Which, by the way, WHO IS THIS GUY? He seems to be in charge of this group with a new symbol.
That appear to be Stormtroopers of which Finn seems to be a part of but having his doubts. We also get to seem Rey offering him a hand while he is lost on Tatooine, without his armor.

Oh, and did you notice that they have TIE fighters, with white wings?
Poe Dameron seems eager to fight them!
It seems however that little BB-8 is too timid…ON BOARD THE MELLENIM FALCON!
Which is flying through the insides of a wrecked cruiser like a scene from RotJ!
Or is he just wetting himself like the rest of us when we here the line, “Chewie, we’re home,” and see these old friends!
I’d write more, but I want to watch that panel…and the teaser another 100 times!

Watch this space for more!

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