Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 3:2


Wow! This series just keeps getting better! This episode played like an Indiana Jones mystery complete with a mysterious supernatural power, and a secret society in history.

Peter Macnicol returns as Professor Eliot Randolph, a secret Asgardian.

Fitz has made a breakthrough with the mysterious obelisk. After screaming at it to do something, it tries to claim him as Coulson and company try to pull him away from it. Now they all believe it could be something more than a solid object.

Prof Randolph, after being threatened with exposure, agrees to help them find out where this portal goes to, and how they can get Simmons back.


I love watching Fitz’s determination as he leads this team on quest to a mysterious castle where a secret society once experimented with the obelisk, and it seems they also learned how to control the object.


After working with the machinery and testing that it works to open the portal, it unfortunately breaks down. But Fitz won’t give up. With a lot of help from Daisy (Quake) they manage to amplify the sound that the machinery makes, triggering the portal. The intention is to send a probe through the portal and take a look around…

But I love that Fitz grabs the cable and dives right in. This is some of the heart of this series! This is the man who risks everything to come to the aid of the woman he secretly loves. He nearly drowned himself in season one, and here he dives into who knows what to try to find her.

I don’t want to spoil the ending here, but what follows is extremely dramatic, heroic, and just down right romantic. Great episode!

And I didn’t even begin to talk about May and her father! More mysteries for later episodes!

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