Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3:1 Laws of Nature

Part of the fun of watching a series like Marvel’s AoS is keeping up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it develops. This episode referenced Pym particles (including an incident from Ant-Man), both Avengers films, and of course the events in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Also fun, is trying to remember where we left our favorite agents at the end of last season. Bobbie (Mocking Bird) is still rehabbing from a knee injury sustained last season (I think it was Grant’s doing, but I may not remember correctly), Coulson’s hand is being kept behind glass in a research lab as he is now adjusting to a Star Wars quality cybernetic arm, and Gemma Simmons is still missing after a frightening encounter with the mysterious Obelisk.

But during all of this a Terrigen release has occured in the ocean, and has spread into fish products, like fish oil. This means that men and women around the world are suddenly finding themselves with uncontrollable powers. They are the Inhumans.

Daisy (we used to know her as Skye) has embraced her powers and is seeking to protect the new Inhumans and help them learn to control their powers. But there is another group out there, a mysterious black-ops group that may or may not be capturing or killing Inhumans. They are indeed disappearing at an alarming rate, and Joe (he melts metal) is the first Inhuman that SHIELD has managed to rescue.

Coulson cleverly sets up a meeting with the head of this new agency, only to find himself in a trap. It seems neither entity knows that the other is not killing these newly powered Inhumans. Who is doing the killing?

It seems to be this guy. Marvel fans might recognize him as Lash. He’s a self styled judge and executioner from a hidden city of Inhumans that decides who he thinks is worthy of the powers they’ve been given.

Of course, the agents don’t know that, but they know he’s a threat and the must stop him.

Meanwhile, Fitz is going to great lengths to prove that Simmons has gone missing inside the Obelisk, including dealing with terrorists at risk to his own life. I won’t spoil what he finds, and what we learn in the final scene of the episode.

Suffice to say, we are off to a great start this year, and I’m very excited to see what happens. And this image provides a clue.


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