Grayskull Has Fallen

photo-mainIt has arrived! Daniel Benedict has spent years developing this Masters of the Universe fan film. He’s launched a successful Kickstarter, found a great cast, and brought his story to life.
Sword of Skeletor
What follows is a hero’s journey. No, not the journey of Adam becoming He-Man. His journey to becoming a hero has already occurred. There is yet one feat he has yet to accomplish. This is the journey of Teela. Through flashbacks we get to see how Teela has become the warrior we know. There is but one final step she needs to complete to fulfill her potential and unlock her destiny.
And this seems an opportune time, since Skeletor has finally found a way to drain He-Man’s powers and we find him helpless and chained at the beginning of this story. How has this happened? Read the comic available at Fall of Grayskull
Daniel takes his time telling this story. Nothing is rushed. We get to see some long torturous shots of He-Man being tortured and drained. This pacing works very well. However, this pacing is also used during a couple of death scenes. Once death is reminiscent of a death from the classic film. “Raiders of the Lost Ark” that gave me nightmares as a child. The difference here is that instead of a few seconds of film, we linger on this fatality long enough that I have to say this should be considered a PG-13.
This is the final chapter in a long story that fans of Masters of the Universe have been playing and watching for over 20 years. It has had it’s darkest chapter right as we enter the scene. Perhaps the situation isn’t at it’s darkest peak (that happens in this film) but there is hope as Teela has not given up, and has found an unlikely ally (read that comic).

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It was well written, and none of the acting seems over the top or cheesy. The costumes are believable (Teela’s battle armor is based off a toy, and no it wouldn’t protect her from much, but that’s Mattel’s problem) and the makeup looks natural. Daniel put a lot of work into his effects and they look very good. There is one error in the effects where a bolt from Skeletor comes from the side rather than from his staff, but that’s forgivable seeing that this is not a Hollywood blockbuster.
There is one part that could have been a plot hole, but stick around after the cast credits to see a great setup for another film that Daniel may or may not make. For details see this week’s podcast episode.

Just released!
A blooper reel!

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