Gotham Season 2, Episode 1.


I must say, this show gets a lot of criticism from the die hard Batman fans. This show in it’s first season introduced several familiar characters, but presented them in ways we didn’t expect. I view this as an alternate universe within the realm of DC’s ever expanding list of universes.

This gritty drama had me hooked all of it’s first season, so my expectations were pretty high going into season 2, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Granted, this first episode could be viewed as a one hour trailer for the rest of the season. Small amounts of new story were given, but most events seemed to set up what storylines we can expect in the coming season.

We are asked a thought provoking question pretty early on in the episode, and one would expect that this question wouldn’t receive an answer (or rather, how our characters answer the question) until near the end of the episode. I expected to see Jim Gordon, staunch moral and very moral character struggle with the idea of how far is he willing to go to work toward fighting the corruption of Gotham.

However, after a quick visit with young Bruce Wayne, we have an answer, and now we will just simply watch them both carry out their decision.

I must say, this is a departure from Jim’s character as established in season one. Perhaps this is character development? I don’t want to say much here in case this episode is sitting on your DVR, but he does some very unexpected things that I fear we haven’t seen all of the repurcussions yet.

We of course get to see the Gotham rogues gallery develop more into the psychotic deviants we love to hate, and this is part of the fun of this series. We see the journey into madness deepening with every step, and I expect we’ll see plenty of horrible deeds by these up and coming villains.

I do find Penguin’s journey interesting, but it seems he has succeeded in gaining what he wanted. I am curious to see how his story develops.

Overall, I’m please with this episode, although I feel like I’ve only been teased as to what may be coming.

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