Gotham 2:4 Strike Force

Rise of the Villains continues, even without Jerome causing Joker level havoc around Gotham. This episode we get to see how the Penguin has been faring amongst all of the terror that Theo has orchestrated. He’s not happy. Terror like this is bad for business, and there’s no profit in it.

The action picks up when Penguin is invited to meet Theo, and they make him an offer he can’t refuse. Theo has big plans, but to make them happen, he needs to be the mayor. Once again, he wants to make himself look like a hero, and in the meantime, kill his competition.


There is clearly no gain for the Penguin in the arrangement he is offered, and I won’t go into details here in order to not spoil it. Suffice to say, we know the Penguin will have the last laugh later this season, and I think Theo sets up his inevitable downfall.


Meanwhile, the GCPD has a new captain played by the incomparable Michael Chiklis! He sets right to work at cleaning out the corruption by firing a groups of cops. He puts Jim Gordon in place as his second in command, and their storyline revolves around a new Strike Force being but under Jim’s command. They’ll meet their first challenge as mayoral candidates begin to be murdered.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but a prediction I made from the first episode is coming home to roost.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne has returned to a private school instead of homeschooling as Alfred begins to train him. In this episode he meets Silver St. Croix (on again off again relationship from the comics) as Theo sets up a dinner with him. Playing the hero once again, with not even the future Batman knowing he’s in the presence of an evil mastermind.

Overall, this was an intriguing episode, and I hate to see each episode end. I’m completely hooked!

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