Gotham 2:3 The Last Laugh

Once again, a thrilling episode of the FOX series, Gotham.

But I warn you, this review contains spoilers!!

Jim Gordon seems to be in charge at GCPD, but it’s not clear if he’s been made captain, or if he’s just stepped into a role leadership naturally. One step closer to commissioner it seems. He’s back to his no nonsense ways, and that’s the way we like him. We also get to see how the job gets in the way of her personal life.


Meanwhile, Jerome is cleaning up a few loose ends by visiting his father. His father makes a psychic prediction that Jerome’s future is the stuff of madness and children’s nightmares. More evidence that he may indeed grow into becoming the Joker. He murders his father, with Bullock and Gordon hot on his heels.

Jerome is on to his next scheme, all according to the plan Theo Galavan has laid out. Gotham needs a hero, and Theo plans on becoming that hero, even if he is the mastermind that Gotham needs saving from.


This time his plans are to have Jerome and Barbara invade a children’s fund raiser attended by the upper class, including young Bruce Wayne. In very Joker like fashion, Jerome and Barbara have taken to performing a magic act which seems innocent at first, but would of course later turn deadly. Once intense moment has young Bruce strapped down to be sawed in half.


Barbara seems like a perfect precursor to Harley Quinn during this scene, but the real shocker comes at the end when Theo “steps up” to be the hero.

Here’s the shocker. He kills Jerome.

And with a quick montage, we get the implication that Jerome may just be an influence to whomever the future Joker may be.

This is clever, since in the comics, no one knows the Jokers identity. But it also hurts to see. Jerome’s evil antics were compelling television and caused me to doubt if Jim would be able to stop his madness.

And now it’s gone. No more Jerome. Guess I’ll have to see what other surprises they have in store this season.

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