Gotham 2:2 Knock, Knock


Rise of the Villains continued this week on Gotham, and the stakes got even higher. Granted I can’t remember the name of most of the newly christened “Maniax”, but the main one to watch is clearly Jerome. Although they haven’t declared he’s an 18-year-old Joker, they certainly have given us enough indication. His laughter, his theatrics, and borrowing Heath Ledger’s Joker’s method of holding a camera.

Harvey Bullock has apparently moved on with a new life, and we get to welcome back Scottie Mullen, his attractive fiance. Fans will remember Harvey saving Scottie from drowning after she was tied up and nearly killed in the episode “The Fearsome Dr. Crane” I must say, given what we saw in season one of Harvey’s taste in women, this seems quite the departure. I guess the effects of being sober have been agreeable to him.


Jim Gordon want’s Harvey back with GCPD, but of course, Scottie wants nothing to do with this dangerous work. Harvey doesn’t seem to mind civilian life, so he let’s her put his foot down for him. But fans will know that Harvey will decide for himself to come back. We don’t know if Scottie will stick around or not, though.

During some very high-profile multiple murders that of course quite theatrical and attention grabbing, Jerome and the Maniax make a name for themselves (those who have watched the episode will shudder) and one can’t help but wonder who can stop these killers from their rampage with no Batman in sight.


Bruce however, is slowly moving toward his destiny by choosing to pursue the truth about his father. Of course, Alfred finds this path to be too dangerous and attempts to stop young Bruce in a dramatic moment. Bruce fires Mr. Pennyworth, but we expect he’ll be back soon.

In another horribly dramatic moment, the Maniax commit one more massacre and murder someone with a high-profile that can only make us wonder one thing….who will step into this open job.


I’m being as spoiler free as I can, but let’s just say that some things in the episode are predictable, but nonetheless exciting. We are left with unanswered questions and seeing the ending GOTHAM logo surprised me. It feels like we are just getting started, or have witnessed only the first half of a movie.

I am of course compelled to keep watching for more.

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