Go Royals!

I’d just like to say this has been an interesting baseball season here in Kansas City. I barely remember the 1985 World Series, which was the last time our Royals were even in the playoffs. We’ve been known to be a lousy team for years.

But I never gave up hope. I’d pay attention to see if maybe things looked different this year. I’d watch every season, and get my heart broke every season until I was numb.

But over the last few years, there have been major improvements! And this year was going so well, I began to believe that they just might make the playoffs, not advance in them, but make them.

I was wrong…they made the playoffs, and exceeded my expectations by sweeping their way to the ALCS. Right now, they are set to sweep Baltimore in game four, provided something doesn’t change in the next inning or 2.

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