George Lucas Has a Break Up

It seems every website out there that focuses on entertainment is weighing in on this topic. Here in Neverland, we do love anything having to do with Disney or the geek culture in general, so I guess we have to have our say as well.

So there it is. George Lucas, after having been criticized so much from the work he did on the prequels where he just wanted to tell the story (inconsistent with the stories he told previously) has broken up with Star Wars. He wanted to continue the soap opera tale of the Skywalker family, but Disney had other ideas of actually making films that the fans would enjoy.

I must say, I’m curious as to what George’s stories would have been about. Han and Leia’s kids being trained by Luke? That may still be a possibility, as we don’t know where Luke is in these new films, and we aren’t completely sure that Rey isn’t Han and Leia’s daughter or a Force sensitive.

If I were George, I’d write three books. Each one telling the story he wanted to make these sequel films about. I’m sure Disney would be happy to publish them, as I’m sure they’d be best sellers.

And then, we fans can decide whose stories were best.

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