Force Friday is a Smashing Success!


Sadly, I have a job that does not allow for any midnight events. I was therefore unable to be at the unveiling of all the new Star Wars merchandise as it was first revealed in stores for Force Friday.

However, I did take some time this evening to look around and see some of the really cool items at a local Toys-R-Us and Wal-Mart.
As I stepped through a nifty archway, the sound of a lightsaber played from a motion sensor on my left. However, bad placement of this archway meant that I still had to cross to the other side of the store to find the new toys. Although, I was greeted with rows of Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars figurines. Glad to see them, but they were not what I had came to see.

And finally, I found it. A small aisle dedicated to all things Star Wars. Things to hug, things to display, and of course things to assemble. Oh, and you could play with them as well! I did see a few remote control toys, a Millenium Falcon with only one fan to help it hoover. Not as nice as the drone version I have seen in videos, but probably easier on the budget.

Toys-R-Us was picked nearly clean of action figures, but it was neat to see new versions of old characters with Kylo Ren’s face staring at me from behind that creepy eyeless mask.

Which of course, you could purchase and wear for Halloween. Or you could be Phasma, a female Storm Trooper, and a leader of some importance to the First Order. I hope a lot of little girls choose to dress as her this year! Although, maybe she won’t catch on until after the movie’s release.

There are some great new Yoda toys as well, and you can choose your favorite based on your budget. This is this expensive piece here that claims to be able to teach you the ways of the force.
Or perhaps this interesting little Yoda head would be easier on the pocket book, and yet just as much fun.
However, you may find this to be a bit creepy when it talks. At least Pixie WendyNerd found it a bit creepy. What do you think?

I had more success and finding a handful of action figures at Wal-Mart, and even learned of a character I was not aware of before. He is a law enforcer of some kind, though I can’t recall his name.
There was a new version of Star Wars Monopoly where you can purchase cities on planets. It has a round shaped playing board, and Star Wars characters for your game pieces including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Finn!
Of course toys weren’t the only thing for sale. We found an R2-D2 kitchen timer and a lightsaber barbecue tong set. A must have for any Star Wars themed kitchen!

T-Shirts, cups, giant size figures, die cast ships (by the way, Black Series Millenium Falcon $5, Hot Wheels version is bigger, more detailed, $4), models, LEGO sets, vehicles, Micro Machines sets, and lots of new information about Special Forces Tie Fighters and Resistance X-Wings (Poe Dameron has a nice custom black paint job) are all to be found.

I’m eager to look around other types of shops for more merchandise!






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