DuckTales Returns, WOO-OO!


So here I am, working away at editing the latest greatest episode of The Neverland Podcast, when suddenly a news announcement shakes the rafters and blows the roof off of the Disney fan world. DUCKTALES RETURNS TO TELEVISION ON DISNEY XD!


Slated for 2017 this marks the return of a beloved Disney Afternoon classic! So many questions fly through my mind! Who will they cast as the new voice of the iconic Scrooge McDuck? Alan Young has played the greedy yet family loving billionaire duck for so long, I can’t imagine Scroogy sounding any different, but Mr. Young has grown to a ripe old age, and is not likely able to sign up for the duration of this new series.

Duck Tales 1

So it’s all up in the air! Could this usher in more Disney Afternoon classics? Will this by stylized to match the current wave of Mickey Mouse cartoons? Will Gizmoduck return? We have 2 years to speculate!

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