Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 9: Sleep No More


The Doctor and Clara find themselves on a research orbital facility near Neptune and its moon Triton. They find themselves in the middle of a rescue mission. The crew of the space station is missing except for one. They find themselves at the mercy of a brand new life form, the Sandmen. They are made from the dust found in one’s eye when you wake up. They are consuming humans. The Sandmen are trying to leave the station in order to spread and destroy humanity. This was all a result from trying to remove sleep from the human condition through a project called Morpheus. It compresses sleep for weeks or month into a 5 minute period.

This episode wants to be Blink from series 3. To be honest this one really did not build enough dread and suspense for me. It also was trying to be a found footage episode that also took me out of the story. The amorphous Sandmen were not intimidating at all to me. Overall I had trouble of making sense of it at the end.

The manner in the way the Sandmen were created seemed weak. The idea that modifying human sleep patterns is bad, that I can get behind. The idea of the gunk that builds up in your sleep in your eyes becomes sentient and carnivorous, I was not impressed. I could understand living nightmares, or the darker impulses of humanity becoming real, this explanation did not do it for me.

I love this show and a weak Doctor Who episode is better than a strong episode of many other shows. This episode left me confused and wanting a better script. The Indo-Japanese culture was an interesting idea, but it was just set dressing. I don’t understand why I accept some of the other absurd Doctor Who concepts, but not this. I just do. It was a somewhat unsatisfying Doctor Who episode. I give it a C-.

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