Disney and Star Wars Girl Power with New Star Wars and Frozen Sequels!

When you think of the female role model characters in Star Wars, only one woman stands about the rest, Princess Leia. She could fight, stood up for what she believed in, and helped lead a rebellion to victory. But it seems like she is most commonly remembered by being a slave in a very revealing outfit.

That was before Disney got their hands on the franchise. Today came the announcement of the first stand alone movie from the Star Wars Universe. It’s not a Han Solo meets Chewbacca back story, it’s not the missing adventures of Boba Fett; It’s Rogue One starring Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything).

With a growing trend at Disney for empowered female protagonists that are not “damsels in distress waiting for a prince to save them”, we get a new, unknown character. A female hero, and from the title, I’m guessing a rebel pilot.

I’m excited for any good Star Wars story, but I must say, I really was hoping for Han or Boba.

But no need to be disappointed, as this new movie will be written by Oscar nominee Chris Weitz. I’m only familiar with his work on “Antz”, and that’s not encouraging, but being an Oscar nominee has got to give him some credit. He also wrote the live action “Cinderella” so that means he knows a thing or two about a female protagonist. Having yet seen that movie myself, I can’t comment on how well he can craft a good story around that protagonist.

Directing with be Gareth Edwards (Godzilla), and that is an encouraging thought.

Bottom line, I don’t know what to expect, but I’m excited just because it’s Star Wars. Filming begins this fall, and release is set for December 16, 2016

And speaking of…

We were also treated to the announcement that Star Wars VIII will be written and directed by Rian Johnson who is praised for his work on “Looper” (didn’t see it) and Breaking Bad. This film is to be released May 26, 2017, on my 40th birthday, 40 years and a day after A New Hope.


And in case we weren’t getting enough Frozen in our lives, the granddaddy of empowered woman movies is getting a sequel.


Walt Disney didn’t like sequels. Disney animation used to make direct to your home sequels that weren’t worth watching. Pixar has made some fabulous sequels, and if they were handling Frozen 2, I’d have some high expectations.

I have to agree with Uncle Walt on this one. Frozen doesn’t need a sequel. But who am I to argue with the raving fans clamoring for more from Anna, Elsa, and company.

Burnout has got to set in eventually.

I don’t mean to sound like a negative Nelly here, but I can’t get excited about more Frozen. More Star Wars however; Yes Please! Even when Disney is following the crowd of a popular trend of heroines instead of giving us Han and Boba movies that would please so many fans, I expect great things.

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