Devil Dinosaur Gets a More Modern Treatment with Upcoming Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur

In March of 2015, I (Lost Boy Tricky Ricky) wrote a blog article about what Marvel Comics properties I thought Disney could translate as a Disney Animated film, like they did with Big Hero 6. Among them was Moon-boy and Devil Dinosaur. It was about a proto-hominid boy and his Red Tyrannosaurus Rex-like companion.
The Original Devil Dinosaur was created in 1978 by Marvel legend, Jack Kirby, who is also known for his hand in the creation of Captain America, Fantastic Four, Thor, Hulk and most of the first wave of Marvel characters. Moon-boy himself, was a proto-hominid who joined Devil Dinosaur on a few adventures in this short lived, and forgotten series.
Marvel Comics have announced Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur will come to comic stores this fall, 2015. It will follow young genius Lunella Lafayette on various hi-jinks in Manhattan, and hopefully bring in a swarm of young readers. This continues the two big companies pushes to diversify their characters in terms of gender, race, ethnicity and so on.
The question remains however, Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur could be looked at as a possible animated feature with potential success like Big Hero 6. It may be obscure, but previously obscure titles like Guardians of the Galaxy, Blade, and even Big Hero 6 have become huge successes.

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