DCTV Easter Egg Report 02/27/2016

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 14: Truth, Justice and the American Way

Carl Draper AKA the Master Jailer was introduced in Superman Vol. 1 #331 (Jan 1979) by Martin Pasko, Curt Swan, and Frank Chiaramonte. He grew up in Smallville with Lana Lang and Clark Kent. He knew Lana had always been in love with Superboy/Superman. He was smitten with her and snapped to become the Master Jailer so he could have her himself. This was all Pre-Crisis. Post Crisis (1994) he was a scientist who designed cell for superpowered inmates. He was obsessed with the idea of building a cell that could hold Superman. He became a villain called Deathtrap.


The Flash Season 2 Episode 15: King Shark

King Shark was created be Karl Kesel in Superboy (vol. 4) #0 (October 1994). He was Nanaue, son of the Shark God. Pre-Flashpoint he looked more like a humanoid Great White Shark. In the New 52, he is a humanoid hammerhead shark and he is a member of the Suicide Squad. His origins in the New 52 and beyond have yet to be revealed.


Arrow Season 4 Episode 15: Taken

Vixen was created in 1981 by Gerry Conway and Bob Oksner appearing in Action Comics # 521. She is Mari McCabe, the African-American wearer of the Tantu Totem that gives her the powers of just about any animal. She has been a member of the Justice League, the Suicide Squad, and Checkmate (DC’s answer to S.H.I.E.L.D.).  She was part of the Detroit Era of the Justice League of America. That team included Vibe, Steel (grandson of Commander Steel), Gypsy, Aquaman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Elongated Man, and Zatanna. She has appeared on Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and an evil doppelganger version of her appeared in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. She also appeared in the video games DC Universe Online and Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. In the fall of 2015 there was an animated web series about her. The series included her first meeting with Green Arrow and the Flash. This is the “animated” encounter Ollie referred to. In the New 52 she was a Member of the JLI (Justice League International).


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 6: Star City 2046

Conner Hawke is the comics first appeared in Green Arrow vol. 2, #0 (1994). He was created by Kelley Puckett and Jim Aparo. He was the illegitimate son of Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke. He became Green Arrow in his own right, especially after Oliver died in the comics. The show made him John Diggle’s son. Many thought William, Oliver’s son on the show was going to be Conner. In the New 52 the Earth 2 Red Arrow is Conner Hawke.

Grant Wilson was created by George Pérez, Marv Wolfman, and Romeo Tanghal in New Teen Titans vol. 1 #1 (November 1980). In the comics he is the first Ravager. He took a contract with H.I.V.E. and died in trying to assassinate the New Teen Titans. His father, Deathstroke, blamed the Titans and took over his son’s contract which led to his plot to destroy the Titans. Deathstroke’s daughter Rose became a later incarnation of the Ravager. His other son, Joseph, became the Titans member Jericho.

The one armed version of Oliver is a nod to the Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. This year is that series’ 30th Anniversary. In the book a much older Batman faces off with a very insane Superman. One of those who helps Batman is Oliver who is missing an arm, but still deadly with a bow.

The warehouse at Adams and O’Neill is a nod to Neil Adams and Denny O’Neill who wrote the Green Arrow/Green Lantern Comic. They created the 1970 to 1980’s version of Oliver Queen, complete with blonde goatee.

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