DCTV Easter Egg Report 02/13/2016

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 13: For the Girl Who Has Everything
The Black Mercy was created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. It debuted in Superman Annual #11 (1985) with the story called For the Man Who Has Everything. In the original story Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman go to the Fortress of Solitude to celebrate Superman’s birthday. They find the Black Mercy attached to him. Mongul comes out and takes the credit. As Wonder Woman fights Mongul, Batman and Robin try to free Superman from the Black Mercy. They free Superman, only to have Batman under its influence. Robin ultimately frees Batman.  Superman almost loses himself to the point of almost killing Mongul. Robin puts the Black Mercy on Mongul thus defeating him.

This story is considered one of the greatest Superman stories ever told. As like the Supergirl episode, the Black Mercy gives its victim a full sensory illusion of what their heart most desires. In the case of Superman and Supergirl, it is a Krypton that was not destroyed. For Batman, it was a world here his father was able to defeat Joe Chill before Chill could kill him or Martha Wayne. For Mongul, it was him killing all the heroes and conquering the universe. Like in the show the plant loses grip if the host realizes the fantasy world is not real.


The Flash Season 2 Episode 13: Welcome to Earth-2
There have been three characters called Killer Frost. The first Killer Frost was Crystal Frost and she was first created in Firestorm #3 (June 1978) by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom. She had a fatal attraction going on with Martin Stein. She was a Firestorm nemesis. She absorbed too much power from Firestorm that led to her death. The second Killer Frost was Louise Lincoln. She debuted in Firestorm (vol. 2) # 21 (March 1984). She was also created by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom. She was Crystal Frost’s protégé. She took up her mentor’s mantle. The Third Killer Frost is Caitlin Snow, whom both Flash’s confidante and the character in this episode are based on. She was introduced in Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men Vol. 1 #19 (June, 2013) by Dan Jurgens. She is the New 52 version of the character.
Deathstorm in the comics is two different characters. The first appearance of the first version is in Brightest Day #10 (November, 2010). He was created by Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi, and Scott Clark. Originally Deathstorm was Ronnie Raymond resurrected as a Black Lantern in the Blackest Night event. During the Brightest Day event, He was an evil entity in the Firestorm Matrix who served the Anti-Monitor. The second version was Martin Stein merged with a corpse. This version was from Earth 3, where all the heroes are villains. Deathstorm is an evil Firestorm. This version was created by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis in Justice League Vol. 2 #23(October, 2013).

Earth 2 Barry’s phone list is interesting; the names Bruce, Diana, Hal and Eddie are on his speed dial. One would assume that Bruce is Bruce Wayne (Batman), Diana is Diana Prince/ Diana of Themyscira/ Princess Diana (Wonder Woman), Hal is Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), and that Eddie might be Eddie Thawne. That is just an idea.

The Geomancer AKA Adam Fells was a Justice Society of America Villain. He was created by Geoff Johns. He first appeared in JSA #5 (Oct, 1999). He was a mercenary who died in a failed attempt to free him from prison. In the JSA (Justice Society of America) is the Flash, Jay Garrick.

Reverb in the comics is Vibe’s brother, Armando. He was created by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis, and Chris Sprouse. He first appeared as a member of the Conglomerate a Corporate version of the Justice League in Justice League Quarterly #1 (Winter 1990). He had the same vibration based powers as his brother.


Arrow Season 4 Episode 13: Sins of the Father

Malcolm Merlyn is based on the Green Arrow villain, Merlyn AKA Arthur King. Merlyn was created by Mike Friedrich, Neal Adams, and Dick Dillin. He was introduced in Justice League of America #94 (Nov. 1971). Merlyn was a trick archer, who left the spotlight to become trained by the League of Assassins. Merlyn was one of the League’s top assassins. Merlyn in the New 52 is a version of Tommy Merlyn.

Nyssa Al Ghul is Nyssa Raatko in the DC Comics. She is Ra’s Al Ghul’s first born daughter. She was introduced in Detective Comics #783 (August, 2003) by Greg Rucka and Klaus Janson. She was born in Russian in 1775. By the Early 20th Century Ra’s Al Ghul disowned Nyssa and her family, most of which died in the Nazi concentration camps. Nyssa killed Ra’s after her last descendent died. This turned out to be a long Machiavellian plot to get Nyssa and her sister, Talia, to accept their destiny as his heirs. It worked.



DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 4: White Knights

Valentina Vostok was debuted in Showcase #94, (August 1977) by creators Paul Kupperberg and Jim Aparo. She was a Lt. Colonel in the Soviet Air Force who became Negative Woman. Her body had fused with a negative energy being believed to be the same one that had affected Larry Trainor, the Negative Man. The energy leaves the body like astral projection, but is tangible. The host’s consciousness leaves the body and is inside the negative energy construct. Negative Woman was a member of the second Doom Patrol. Vostok defected to the U.S. She then became involved with various covert organizations like The Agency and Checkmate. She was killed in the Final Crisis event and resurrected as a Black Lantern in the Blackest Night eventTaliaTaliaThere was a Soviet Firestorm; he was Mikhail Arkadin a nuclear technician at Chernobyl. The accident gave him superpowers, the ability to turn matter into energy.  He became Pozhar which translates to Fire. After a showdown with Firestorm that resulted in a nuclear bomb being detonated, he fused with Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein into a new version of Firestorm. He was created by John Ostrander and Joe Brozowski. His first introduction was in Fury of Firestorm #62, (August 1987).





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