DCTV Easter Egg Report 01/31/2016

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 11: Strange Visitor From Another Planet
The White Martians were created by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter. They were first introduced in JLA #1 (January, 1997). They are a warlike race of Martians. They were in imprisoned in the Still Zone, an extra-dimensional prison. The White Martians are very savage and violent. In the comics the division of the Martians races was done by the Guardians of the Universe. There was one race called the Burning Martians and they were scary as heck. The Guardians turned the Burning Martians into the Green and White Martians and gave them a strong fear of fire, so as not to reignite the remnants of their genetic history. Miss Martian of the Teen Titans and the Young Justice Animated TV Show is among their race. She is not representative of her race; she does not share their warlike bloodlust.


The Flash Season 2 Episode 11: The Reverse-Flash Returns
Eobard Thawne, Professor Zoom and the Reverse Flash, was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino. He first appeared in The Flash (vol. 1) #139 (September 1963).  Thawne was a Flash fan, who wanted to be just like him. Upon using his powers to meet his hero, he ends up after Barry Allen’s death. He learns not only is he the Flash greatest nemesis, but Flash kills him. The time travel made Thawne unstable, but the discoveries made him completely insane. Thawne has also used his powers to screw up his own personal history. Thawne was behind the events that created the New 52. In the New 52 he is up to his old tricks. His powers are more time related in the New 52.

Hunter Zolomon in the comics is not Jay Garrick’s doppelganger. He was created by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins. He debuted in The Flash: Secret Files & Origins #3 (November 2001) as Hunter Zolomon and The Flash (vol. 2) #197 (June 2003) as Zoom. Hunter Zolomon’s father had been a serial killer, Zolomon dedicated his life to discover what makes people become killers. He became a criminal psychologist. He became Zoom after the Flash of that time, Wally West, refused to go back in time and prevent an accident from costing Zolomon the use of his legs. Zolomon tried to use the Cosmic Treadmill anyway. It exploded returning the use of his legs, but also giving him time related powers, that could simulate superspeed. He decided to be the stone that honed the Flash to be a better hero through causing tragedies in Wally West’s life. This ended with Zoom becoming depowered. I believe that Zoom may be Garrick from another reality. Not Earth 1’s Zolomon, but maybe a version from another earth.


Arrow Season 4 Episode 11: A.W.O.L

Shadowspire was created by Tom Joyner and Mike Collins. They were introduced in Deathstroke #53 June (1995). They are a criminal organization that attempted to topple the U.S. Government. Their tentacles connect to every corrupt government and drug cartel on two continents. The leader turned out to be Baron Blitzkrieg, the WWII Supervillain. They fought Deathstroke, Damage and the Power Company. Lieutenant Joyner seems to be named after creator Tom Joyner.

Kord Industries is the company owned by Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle. Everyone thought Felicity would become Arrow’s version of Oracle. Oracle is the persona that Barbra Gordon, the second Batgirl, took after being shot and paralyzed by the Joker. She was Batman’s and the Justice Leagues’ cyber eyes and ears. In 2011 with the New 52 she regained use of her legs. Instead Felicity got the codename Overwatch. In the New 52 Earth 2, Overwatch-One is an alias of Terry Sloan.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 2: Pilot (Part 2)

Ivy Town is a fictional city in DC Comics. It was created by Gardner Fox and Gil Kane. It was originally the Home of the Silver Age Atom, Ray Palmer, and later to his successor, Ryan Choi. In the show is the place a young Martin Stein was a Professor.

Several people have been the Atom. I talked about Ray Palmer, before. Here are a few facts I missed last time, before we get to the others who held the mantle. In the comics, Ray Palmer was a physicist and professor at Ivy University in Ivy Town. He is not the tech billionaire we see in the DCTV shows. In the 1980’s, he was stuck at six-inches for a time and met some people who were at that size. He had pint-size fantasy adventures at that time; his title was called the Sword of the Atom. Palmer’s shrinking powers were based on using material from a white dwarf star in the 1980’s. In 1994 during Zero Hour he was regressed to a teenager and he led a version of the Teen Titans. Palmer’s ex-wife, Jean Loring, turned out to be involved in a situation that led to the death of Elongated Man’s wife and Robin’s (Tim Drake) Father.

In the Golden Age, the Atom was Al Pratt. He was created by Ben Flinton and Bill O’Conner who debuted him in All-American Comics #19 (Oct. 1940). Originally the Golden Age Atom AKA the Mighty Mite was just another masked vigilante. He at some point gained super strength and the ability to focus radioactive energy into a punch. He had a godson that became Nuklon/Atom Smasher. In the New 52, he is on Earth 2 and has size changing abilities too. He can shrink and grow larger.

During the Sword of Atom era, Ray Palmer gave his ex-wife’s boyfriend a version of his size changing belt and his suit. They were stolen by Adam Cray, the son of a Senator. Cray became the Atom as a member of the Suicide Squad. Cray was created by John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell in Suicide Squad #44 (August 1990). Cray had been recruited by Palmer, so Palmer could infiltrate the Micro Squad, a group of rogue CIA agents that Palmer had permanently shrunk. They killed Cray thinking it was Palmer. Palmer then finished his mission and brought the Micro Squad to justice.

In DCU: Brave New World (2006), Gail Simone with input by Grant Morrison introduced a new Atom, Ryan Choi. Choi was a hotshot young physics professor and physicist at Ivy University. He also was a protégé of Palmer’s. Choi died in Titans: Villains For Hire Special #1 (2010) at the hands of Deathstroke who was hired by Dwarfstar.



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