Beyond the Wisdom of Walt – One little spark can lead to incredible success.

The lessons in leadership cultivated by Walt Disney were carried on in the construction of The Magic Kingdom and EPCOT following his death. Dr. Barnes explores the lessons learned while carrying on and adjusting the plans he left behind. Implementing the unique culture cultivated by Walt Disney, managers will find creative solutions for dealing with changes, motivating their teams, and visualizing their goals. Beyond the Wisdom of Walt expands on the themes introduced in Dr. Barnes’ prior work and reminds us that all it takes is one little spark to bring these dreams to reality.

“Jeffery Barnes is a great keynote speaker and author, and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with him on The Neverland Podcast twice. He’s insightful and funny, with a friendly voice that comes across very well in his books. I encourage you to read both of these books and then set your sites on success and believe you can achieve your dreams!” –Spider-Pan Jeremy

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